Community Heroes: Johnson City sports medicine physician providing ‘outstanding’ care to patients


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) Each week, we introduce you to someone who makes our region a better place to live.

We call them Community Heroes. This week’s community hero is Dr. Todd Fowler.

“His patient care is just outstanding,” Watauga Orthopedics radiologic technologist and MRI technologist, Deborah Rhodes said.

Staff at Watauga Orthopedics are coming to work, even with the risk of coronavirus.

Here is a picture of Dr. Fowler holding a bucket of hand sanitizer for delivery to the Salvation Army.

“We are doing more cleaning than we’ve ever done. We wash our hands a lot. We wash them even more than normal, and we’ve gone through a lot of hand sanitizer and things here. They have done a great job at keeping us all healthy and making it through without having, so far, anybody exposed to the coronavirus at any of our clinics,” sports medicine physician Dr. Todd Fowler said.

Rhodes said, “It takes us all to make it all come together for the community and I think we’ve done an outstanding job.”

One staff member that sticks out, is 27-year sports medicine physician, Dr. Todd Fowler.

Since the pandemic started, he has shifted his skills to treat more patients.

“I’m a sports medicine physician and we stopped playing sports. I’ve been doing more general injury treatments since that’s happened. My partners have not been doing the elective surgery now. We just started back last week, thankfully,” Fowler said. “I didn’t realize I was dependent on sports injuries to fill my clinic with injuries, so I’ve gotten better at fracture care.”

Dr. Fowler has expanded beyond orthopedics by delivering more than 300 bottles of hand sanitizer to the Salvation Army.

Dr. Fowler said, “We were trying to get donations and things and some friends of mine were in touch with some of the people that moved their business over to making that, and so they had a big five gallon of some hand sanitizers that they got for us and we grabbed and took it to our Rotary Club.”

This community hero is also a Johnson City City Commissioner, working to ensure Johnson City residents have a voice.

“I know that we are dependent on tax income for our expenses and we have lost at least $6 million of income. The city has lost. We’re trying to figure out budgets and things for next year and what we’re getting right now,” Dr. Fowler said. “We’re going to need to push things back to normal as soon as we can, and for our citizens. It’s hard enough to pay for things right now. We’re trying to think of creative ways so we don’t have to do that.”

He has built his patients’ trust with constant communication and careful care.

“His patients absolutely adore him. They come back, again and again, and again to him. We just think very highly of him,” Rhodes. “He’s one of their families, it seems like,” she continued, “Dr. Fowler is the greatest. “He’s always, always so easy to talk to with any orthopedic questions.”

Best of all, he sticks to his values.

Rhodes said, “The most thing I admire about Dr. Fowler is his faith and family values.

“Treat people the way you want to be treated and that way you will always do the right thing,” Dr. Fowler said.

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