COMMUNITY HEROES: Embreeville fire chief protecting community from fires for nearly 40 years


EMBREEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) Located along the Nolichucky River on State Route 81, sits a volunteer fire department for the Embreeville community.

A picture of Chief Earl Greene’s helmet.

The man who runs it: Chief Earl Greene.

He is one of the Embreeville Fire Department’s founding members, serving the community since 1981.

It is no secret Chief Earl Greene’s love runs deep for the community of Embreeville, Tennessee.

“Earl is an incredible guy,” Loren Ferguson told News Channel 11’s Pheben Kassahun. “He has stuck with the community with keeping people safe in this area.”

Loren Ferguson is the assistant to captain at the Embreeville Volunteer Fire Department. He has worked with Greene for six years and describes him as a fatherly figure.

Chief Greene has helped provide fire protection for the community since 1981.

“When we got started, there was just a few people that got together,” Chief Greene said. The appointed chief, which was Glenn Woodfin, they asked me to come in with him and get the fire department started. The longer I stayed, the better I liked it. It’s really been my family for the last 30-something years.”

Over the years, the department has grown to become the most dependable organization of its kind, thanks in part to Chief Greene.

Chief Earl Greene has been with the department since 1981. Here is a photo of him when he founded the department.

Captain William Hensley said, “He can be the type of person to cut up with you, joke around with you, but on a fire scene, car wreck, it’s business.”

“He’s a good-hearted person, faithful person. If he sees a problem, he knows how to deal with it better than anybody else I’ve seen,” Ferguson said.

Chief Greene also has a heart for giving back to his community.

Here is a photo of Chief Greene along with the other founding members of the Embreeville Volunteer Fire Department.
This is the most recent photo of the Embreeville Volunteer Fire Department.

Captain Hensley said, “We always have a car show. His church puts it on, fish fry. Earl is always big in the community. His church is a big supporter of us. That’s what it takes in the community; support the fire department.”

While volunteer firefighters take on the huge responsibility of being summoned to at any time, his colleagues take pride, knowing who’s leading the way.

“To watch the kids come up in the fire department, and answering calls and taking responsibility and things like that. Just seeing them grow up. Seeing them go out on their first calls and seeing them come back with a smile on their face. I guess that keeps me going more than anything,” Chief Greene said.

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