Community Heroes: Dobyns-Bennett High School’s ‘The Rockstar’ known for being a role model for a life of service

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BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) Each Wednesday on ABC Tri-Cities, we shine the spotlight on a person who makes our region a better place to live. We call them “Community Heroes.” This week, we introduce you to Mark Cox.

“It’s who he is. It’s his loyalty, his dedication, and you know that he’s always got your back,” Dobyns-Bennett High School basketball coach, Chris Poore said.

Immedtiately after graduating high school in 1968, Mark Cox and his twin brother had their minds set on fighting in the vietnam war.

“We weren’t going to waste my dad’s money to go to college. Instead of getting drafted, we joined the Air Force in ’69. I stayed until 1975,” Ambulance Service of Bristol paramedic, Mark Cox said.

Off the battle field, Cox is a full-time paramedic.

Cox said, “It’s kind of a domino effect from the military to being a paramedic. {Requires} patience and responsibility and determination, really.”

However, on the basketball court, Cox is known nicknamed “The Rockstar.”

“What he embodies and brings to our program is exactly what we want to bring to teach our players,” Poore told Pheben Kassahun.

Cox and Poore are pictured together on the far right-hand side.

For the last 27 years, Cox has served as the volunteer director of basketball operations for boys basketball at Dobyns-Bennett High School.

“Just his ability to protect his role. We try to teach our guys that there’s not role too big or too small,” Poore said. Everything he does– he pays attention to the details. He perfects it and he never loses anything.”

Cox he spends hours of the day to ensure everything is lined up for upcoming games, Poore said.

“I’m with them every day. Road trips, everywhere we go,” Cox explained.

“Our basketball program is like a family, and Mark means a lot to our guys. He does a lot for us, living out his life of service. He’s always looking out for other people. It’s really what Marks brings as a person that means more to even what he does for us,” Poore said.

He is a role model of a life of service and that is why he is our community hero.

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