Community Heroes: Avoca volunteer firefighter committed to being a servant in his community

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AVOCA, Tenn. (WJHL) At a very young age, Timothy Buchanan decided to become a servant in his community.

After his 9 to 5 job, the Bristol native commits to working long hours within the volunteer fire department, and ensuring everyone helps out within their community.

“There’s always a need for volunteers,” Buchanan said. “Lead by example.”

Fascinated with fire trucks and having lived near a fire station, Buchanan wanted to be one of the brave people who risk their lives in a time of need.

“Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be a fireman, but I never wanted to do it to get paid for it. I feel like if you get paid for a hobby, it’s no longer fun anymore,” Buchanan said.

He has volunteered for various volunteer fire departments for more than a decade, including East Sullivan County Fire Department.

“Every fire department that’s in Sullivan County or Washington County or any state for fact is always going to be short-handed on volunteers because we al have full-time jobs. Plus, we sacrificed our time to help our community as well,” Buchanan said.

His new location is at Avoca Volunteer Fire Department, along side fire Chief David Taylor.

“Occasionally, you get a really, really, really good one that stands out. We’re fortunate. We have a really good crew,” Chief David Taylor said. “When Tim came to us, we were fortunate. We knew he was a hardworker. He’s just picked up the ball and ran with it.”

Chief Taylor said Buchanan has undergone additional training and plays a vital role within the departent.

Chief Taylor said, “There’s so much behind the scenes work that goes on and those people are never recognized and they’re never seen, but if it wasn’t for those people, the people that are out front, wouldn’t be doing. They couldn’t do it.”

Buchanan hopes others can adopt a volunteer mentality.

“Whether, it’s a fire department or food pantry, just anything that you can do within the community, habitat humanity, whether you want to do a big brother – it doesn’t matter and encourage kids to step up to the plate to volunteer because that’s the future of America are our children,” Buchanan said.

Buchana said his life motto is to live for God’s will and to follow his path.

“Whatever God wants you to do, make sure you do it. My whole life is lead by God. Everything I do is for him. My preacher at my church, he preaches on the truth, and I follow the truth,” Buchanan said.

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