Community Heroes: ‘I just want to be able to be the voice’ Animal enthusiast working to improve the lives of cats and dogs in the community


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) Each week, we introduce someone who makes our region a better place to live. We call them Community Heroes.

This week, we introduce you to a woman who works to improve the lives of animals, in Washington County, Tennessee. Meet Tammy Davis.

Every animal that walks through the doors of the Washington County Johnson City Animal Shelter, is showered with love.

“When I was on the board here, I was like, I don’t know if we can save the animals, Tammy, and Tammy wouldn’t hear that. Tammy’s like, ‘I can save every animal. She tries,” former Washington County, Tennessee county commissioner, Gary McAllister said.

The shelter’s executive director, Tammy Davis, works to ensure animals in the county have the best quality of life.

Tammy Davis said,”Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up an only child so, animals were my companion,

Since Davis began managing the shelter, she has started programs like a fostering for kittens.

“It is tremendously lifesaving for kittens that come into the shelter, and they are too young to be adopted out. We also made a kitten nursery here, so that we could keep kittens that are too little to be adopted out,” Davis said.

A “Trap, Neuter and Return Program” for cats in the community is also now in place.

Davis said, “In the past, a feral cat or a community cat that came into a shelter, it was pretty much a death sentence because those cats were born out in the community. They are not used to being around humans, they don’t want to be around humans, so if they came into a shelter environment. If they could not be touched or could not be adopted out, ultimately, they were usually euthanized.”

She is also helping owners, who are tight on money.

“If someone can’t afford to take care of their animal, to feed their animal, or they can’t afford to spay and neuter their animal, they can reach out to us and there are programs available that we can hopefully assist them,” Davis said.

New ordiniances have also been added in the county to help improve the lives of animals already in homes.

“Part of them were the ‘No Tethering.’ There’s a two-year plan where, within the end of 2021, that no dog can be tethered outside with a chain,” Davis said. “We gave a better definite as far as temperatures for animals- what’s too hot or too cold for an animal to be left outside.”

Davis said everyone has a calling and that she is lucky to have found hers.

“That’s what I feel like I’m doing. I just want to be able to be the voice,” she said. “Because the animals do not have voice and someone has to stand up for them, and that’s why whole purpose so I’m just- I’m blessed to be able to be in this position, and to be able to help the animals in our community. That’s all that I care about.”

And that is why she’s our community hero.

If you know someone who makes our community a better place to live, we want to hear from you! Nominate them to be an ABC Tri-Cities Community Hero! Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to nominate them.

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