LIMESTONE, Tenn. (WJHL) — Mikey Gray has been farming for over two decades.

The farmer now owns Gray Farms with his wife Natasha Gray, but last month, an accident led to injuries that prevent him from tending to his land the way he’s used to.

“He was there unloading some boxes that we haul our produce in, and they come in bales of about 250 boxes, and they weigh somewhere between five and 700 pounds,” Natasha said. “A bale of boxes that we haul our cabbage in fell out on top of him. It snapped his femur in his right leg.”

Mikey remains in a wheelchair as he recovers and won’t be able to work the way he is used to until at least September — hitting the family at a critical time.

“All of our producers coming in…we have soybeans coming up,” Natasha said. “And we have beef cattle also. This was just a really inconvenient time for this to happen. It’s never a good time. But this is probably the worst possible time for us.”

“We were estimating just our hospital bill alone will probably be somewhere in the million to 1.2 million price range,” Natasha said. “That doesn’t include any of the doctor’s bills, the inpatient. We did go to inpatient rehab for a few days before he was able to come home.”

So, a close friend and fellow farmer, Amber Rader, rallied behind the family to bring them support during a time they need it most.

On Saturday, July 16, The Funny Farm at 4957 Old Stage Road in Chuckey will host a fundraiser featuring 20 vendors, food and a petting zoo. Entry is $5. Rader is also selling t-shirts for $10 to benefit the Grays. They can be purchased online or by clicking here. All fees will go directly to the Grays.

“I want them to have the absolute best outcome possible,” Rader said.