Common summer injuries that drive children to the hospital


Doctors see a significant increase in the number of children admitted into the hospital during the summer.

Some say that is due to the increased in risk factors while children are out of school.

“We see everything from minor bumps and bruises, all the way up to very serious trauma,” said Dr. John Schweitazer, a Pediatric Hospitalist. “Usually most serious trauma tends to involve people’s heads.”

Dr. Schweitazer says the most common injuries that lead children to Niswonger Children’s Hospital in the summer include drowning, fractures, sprains, and even dog bites.

Doctors at Niswonger Children’s Hospital have seen injuries that result from of kids riding ATV’s, skateboards and bicycles.

Dr. Schweitazer says the most common and single most cause of death in children under the age of four is drowning. According to the CDC, three children die each day as a result of drowning.

“I think the most important thing to keep in mind is water safety,” Schweitazer said. “I think it’s probably paramount for everybody. You know it really only takes a few seconds to drown, even in just a litle bit of water.”

The CDC recommends parents supervise children in or around water and teach kids how to stay safe.

Parents in the community like Lydia Lammons fear the idea of drowning. Lammons is already teaching her 19-month old son how to swim.

“Kid’s as young as or fourteen months can start to learn survival swimming skills, said Lammons. “So that is what we are working on with my son, just how to blow bubbles, how to flip over and float on their back.”

Dr. Schweitazer suggests supervision of their children and if a traumatic injury does occur call 9-1-1 right away.

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