KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – One of the Tri-Cities is seeing across-the-board growth, including its residential development.

According to a release from the City of Kingsport, the city has seen growth in its residential, commercial and industrial markets, as well as in its small business scene.

“As a result, Kingsport has seen its revenues grow by nearly $4.5 million during the 2022 fiscal year – an increase of 4% over the previous year,” the city’s release states. “During that time, property tax collections grew by $750,000 and local option sales tax collections rose by $2.25 million.”

In addition, city officials report that nearly 2,000 families from outside the region have moved to Kingsport since March 2020. Those figures were collected by the Move to Kingsport initiative, which also found the top reasons for those relocations were work and retirement-related. Remote job opportunities were also listed as a major factor.

“Exciting is maybe an understatement,” Economic Development Director for City of Kingsport John Rose said. “Things move so quick right now with the number of people moving into town, over 70 families a month. We hit a record in June of over a hundred.”

The release states there are more than 2,500 housing units “in some stage of development,” as of Friday.

“The Pavilion, the Fort Henry Mall, Green Acres, all of those places are talking to brokers and bringing people in, more businesses in,” Kingsport Foundation Board Chair Russ Rogers said.

Jaime Joaquin, owner of Kingsport’s Fusion restaurants, said creating more diverse living opportunities, entertainment and dining areas is something he’s looking forward to. He said it’s easy to see what draws people like himself to Kingsport.

“I’ve always kind of liked that attitude about you know big enough to take care of you, small enough to care,” Joaquin said.

City officials also stated that a new industrial park is planned for the western side of the city. That development sits on a 160-acre site owned by the Holston Army Ammunition Plant. The site could be used for warehousing, light industry and transportation businesses, according to the release.