ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Elizabethton Engineering department employees rescued a pair of puppies found on Wednesday.

Matthew Balogh and Dave Carney started their day with a list of items to complete, including checking on a paving project at Powder Branch Road, a social media post from the city stated.

Photo: City of Elizabethton

After checking on the project, Balogh and Carney reportedly took a shortcut back to the office that brought them out on Hart Road when the two saw something in the road that “brought a tug to their hearts.”

According to the post, two female puppies, most likely siblings around three-five months old, were found on the road with a need for rescue. After searching for the owners and knocking on doors of homes nearby, Carney decided his dog at home needed company.

Photo: City of Elizabethton

“They looked lost but looked like they belonged together,” said Carney. “We brought them to the treatment plant and after thinking about what to do, I decided my dog at home needed some company so I took them home with me.”

Carney stated he contacted the animal shelter and provided a description of the puppies for a post on the shelter’s website in case the owners were looking for them.

The puppies received a flea bath from Carney and his partner Emma before settling down in a crate their other dog used occasionally, the post said.

“I am not sure if they really have a home and if no one claims them I might keep them,” said Carney. “They slept soundly through the night in that crate.”