City leaders vote to replace Bristol, Va. Landfill pumps


BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — Bristol, Virginia leaders on Monday morning gave the green light for a project that aims to replace pumps used at the Bristol Landfill.

The Bristol Virginia City Council voted 5-0 to hire the lowest bid — Charles R. Underwood, Inc. — at $228,656 to replace leachate and gradient pumps at the landfill. News Channel 11 obtained a document signed by Town Manager Randall Eads that reads in part:

At the time of the inspection it was observed that the pump being used to convey gradient control water to the sanitary sewer system was not functioning properly. According to the facility contact there is a problem in the shaft of the pump, and with the cowl or top portion, which allowed gradient control water to come out of the top of the pump. Although the escaped gradient control water is captured and returned to the system via a drain in the concrete pad, the pump system was not operating as intended. There was an odor observed that seemed to come from the gradient control water, that appeared soon after the pump was engaged.

At the time of the inspection it was observed that the leachate center pipe in the northwest clean-out for the leachate and gradient control system piping was broken at the top. A bucket had been placed over the broken portion of the pipe. A landfill gas smell seemed to come from the pipe area. The facility contact stated that the needed materials to repair the clean-out apparatus were on-site, but it had not been repaired at the time of the inspection.

Randall C. Eads, City of Bristol, Virginia

The landfill situated in the middle of Bristol, Virginia, has been the center of debate among citizens for months as community members continue to complain about odors that seem to be emitted from the site.

Eads said the pump replacement projects should take around seven weeks.

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