CHURCH HILL, Tenn. (WJHL) – Students at Church Hill Intermediate School took part in the “Amazing Shake,” a competition geared at developing professional skills in students.

During the program, students learn about qualities like discipline, respect and proper conduct to help them advance in careers later in life.

Community members got involved by acting as judges to how students interacted with them. Area businesses sent representatives to assist, and Pal’s Sudden Service also sent members of its Leadership Development Team to aid in the event.

The selection pool started with 400 fifth and sixth-grade students in February, and it was narrowed down to a top 100. Those 100 competed Monday by shaking hands and engaging in conversation with adults.

“We took the top 100 of those students, and today, they are going through what’s called the gauntlet,” said principal Sherry Price. “Each one of these scenarios gives them an opportunity to interact with adults that they don’t know. They are shaking hands, introducing themselves, holding conversation, just practical life skills that they will need.”

A top 30 students will be chosen from the 100 who competed Monday, and they will move on to the next round on Wednesday. From there, a final six will be chosen, followed by a final three.

The last three students competing will give speeches in front of the entire student body before a single winner is chosen.

Price said the students at Church Hill Intermediate have been enjoying the “Amazing Shake” program so far.

“We know that when they go out to get a job, they’re going to need those life skills,” Price said. “They’re going to need to learn to be polite, to dress correctly, and that’s something that’s kind of difficult to give them opportunities to do sometimes. So we want to try to do that through our school system.”