CHURCH HILL, Tenn. (WJHL) – After a storm rolled through on Thursday, some north Hawkins County residents are seeing damage to cars and other property.

Insurance Agent Nick McMillan said that he got a large volume of calls on Friday into his Church Hill office.

“We’ve been fielding claims all morning,” McMillan said. “I don’t know the exact number but in the teens so far.”

Nova Davis and her family said they were shocked to see hail larger than golf balls when they stepped outside Thursday.

“I’m 56 years old,” Davis said. “I’ve never seen it hail for that long.”

Davis is still surveying her property’s damage, but so far she’s found some holes in their camper and dents on their cars.

“We just bought our truck,” Davis said. “I was going, ‘oh, please, not my truck.'”

Just across the road, Angela Hartsock said the hail kept her inside of her home because she was afraid of getting hit in the head.

“After it stopped it had melted some and we got a few pieces and saved them and put them in the freezer,” Hartsock said.

Luckily, Hartsock said her carport protected her vehicles from the dents many Church Hill residents now have.

“Very thankful, because it could have done some bad damage,” Hartsock said.

McMillan said the first thing you should do if you do find storm damage on your property is take a picture and contact an insurance agent.