CHUCKEY, Tenn. (WJHL) — After almost disbanding in December 2022, President Dennis Zurawski is working to keep the Chuckey Ruritan Club alive.

Zurawski said four to six original members were left after six to eight others had decided to leave the club.

“They’d been in it so long, that we needed new blood here,” said Zurawski.

He said the Chuckey Ruritan Club is great for the community because all of the charity work they do.

“It’s great for Chuckey because it helps Chuckey out,” said Zurawski. “It helps everything out around here. It brings everybody together.”

Chuckey Ruritan Club is about to start their Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken league baseball season. (Photo: WJHL).

The club is also involved in other activities such as providing scholarships to students, helping with funds for community disasters and organizing community events.

This is how past president of the National Ruritan Club, Calvin Shelton, got involved in the Clear Springs Ruritan Club at 15 years old.

He told News Channel 11 he lost his family home around that time due to a fire.

“[The Clear Water Ruritan Club] and the Limestone Ruritan Club, which is a neighboring club, came in and within less than three months, they had us a new home built,” said Shelton.

He said clubs like the Chuckey Ruritan need volunteers to keep going. These volunteers start with the younger generations.

“We’re losing clubs and it’s because of our elderly,” said Shelton. “I hope that the younger generation will get involved and get on board.”

The Chuckey Ruritan Club is about to begin its baseball season. Zurawski said they have 80 to 90 kids signed up for this season.

The season begins May 27 and goes until around July 4.

The Chuckey Ruritan Club meets every fourth Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. They meet at the Chuckey Ruritan Building.