JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — While reflecting on Monday’s school shooting in Nashville, private Christian school Providence Academy told News Channel 11 that the school’s curtain of security is constantly present.

“Kids learn best when they feel safe, when they feel secure, protected,” said Head of School Ben Holland. “And physical safety is a big part of that.”

Holland said that safety has been a priority for the school since it was first built by adding double lock doors. Holland adds the school has layers of security including video surveillance and bulletproof screens on exterior glass.

They also have armed guards from an independent security company called Harrell Group.

“Having people on campus where that’s their number one mindset and that’s all they have to think about really helps us stay on our toes and be ever vigilant, but also providing a place where kids feel safe and feel comfortable,” said Holland.

The armed guards go through special training before they are eligible to start working on a school campus. They don’t believe just anyone can do this job.

“Well, you want to make sure that they can do all of the things that may need to be done,” said head of security Brian Boles. “In those events like what happened yesterday in Nashville, you don’t want people here that won’t know how to respond to those things or what to do in a situation like that. So that’s a lot of what our training encompasses.”

Boles said Harrell Group members have to complete a total of 60 hours of training before they qualify to work at a school.

Holland told News Channel 11 that everyone at the school is heartbroken over the Nashville tragedy and is determined to continue their work of educating children while keeping them safe.