CELEBRATING WOMEN: Meet Aundrea Wilcox


Aundrea Wilcox has a lot of successful titles. 

She is a published author, motivational speaker, and trainer just to name a few.  

She is a well-known name in the Tri-Cities business community, and she is using her knowledge to help others.

Wilcox says, “that had been my whole life, going from place to place and climbing that corporate ladder.”

Aundrea Wilcox knows all about moving around, climbing and searching for the next great opportunity, but there was something about this move to Kingsport that would be different.

Wilcox says, “it wasn’t until I moved here that everything changed to other people – how do you help other people and that’s when all the good stuff happened.”

The good stuff, like putting pen to paper – writing not one but two successful books on business and leadership, a thriving career with the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce and invitations from all over to share her knowledge with others.  Not to mention meeting the man she would later marry, and settling down to allow her daughter to stay at one school longer than a year.

 Wilcox says when it’s no longer about you, your whole world can change.

Wilcox says, “I just want to inspire, help hold up, all the women I can to get there.”

Her role at the chamber is also about others, helping them succeed in building their own businesses.  A role she’s been in for 13 years.
Wilcox says, “It’s been so nice to work with them to build their dreams – dream building and dream making.”

And beyond the community, She encourages all to step out of their comfort zone, just as she has.  Whether it’s jumping out of a plane, 

Wilcox says, “even when my brain was saying don’t do that – I said yes and it was a game changer.”

Competing in Dancing with the Tri-Cities Stars, Wilcox says, “you see a part of yourself that you didn’t think was possible.”

 Or her newest ambition, launching the first all-girls drone racing team in East Tennessee,  “we are going to call it ‘superwoman smarts fly girls’ and we’re going to do it”

She admits it hasn’t been easy,  but she says the more she gives – the more she gets. She works now to empower and educate women of all ages and generations. 

Wilcox says, “You have to let go of all of the can’ts and won’ts and shouldn’ts and you open yourself up it’s amazing what you can do.”

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