BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – If you’re a visitor to Bristol, Virginia, there’s plenty of history to indulge in, but what if you could learn about the town without having to leave the comfort of your hotel room?

The Sessions Hotel, situated on the end of State Street closest to Volunteer Parkway, provides more than a stay. There’s history throughout every hall, on every wall and in each room.

The hotel’s General Manager, Catrina Mullins, said The Sessions Hotel opened in June 2019. While it’s a newer spot to stay, the three buildings that make up the property date back over 100 years.

What makes this hotel even more special is the unique decor and design. There’s inspiration from the 1927 Bristol Sessions in each room.

“Each room has an individual record, and that record correlates with one of the original recordings from the 1927 Sessions. Inside that room, we’ll also find either lyrics or information about the artist who recorded that song as well,” said Mullins.

During your stay, you can ask the front desk for a walking tour ‘fact sheet’ that will help guide guests through the immense history of the property. You’ll learn about hidden staircases, the former purposes of the three buildings on site and why bullet holes can be seen in the lobby.

Even the front desk features a slice of history as it’s made from a live wood cherry slab. According to the tour, room 124 has a secret staircase behind a locked door, and six of the rooms in the old mill building, the building that Southern Craft is located in, are actually situated inside the old silo.

If you’re looking for a comfy stay that ties in your love of history, Mullins said The Sessions is the place to be.