Carter County SROs wear tech that detects when a deputy is shot


The Carter County Sheriff’s Office says school resource officers are now wearing technology that can detect injury. 

The sheriff’s office says it will be the first in the region to use new technology that detects when a deputy’s ballistic vest is shot or stabbed and sends an alert to the department.  

“Technology like this is important because a few seconds or a few minutes can be the difference between life and death for our deputies,” Sheriff Dexter Lunceford said. “Having that notification as soon as an officer is hit can be critical.”

SROs are wearing what’s called Automatic Injury Detection Sensors in their ballistic vests.  

According to the sheriff’s office, “The sensors detect a break in the vest, which can be caused by gunshots, stabbing attacks, or other traumatic events. When the sensor detects a break, it sends a text alert with the deputy’s name, location, and blood type: all of which can be life-saving information.” 

The vests work by linking to an SRO’s smartphone and can even open the microphone — allowing other deputies to hear what’s going on.  

“If someone has shot one of our deputies, then they’re a threat to the community as well,” Lunceford said. “We’ll be able to respond and apprehend a dangerous suspect more quickly using this technology.”

The sheriff’s office says each officer a smartphone that supports the technology, it says thanks to a partnership with Sprint. 

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