Carter County family woke up to what they say is a massive sinkhole


After heavy rains Saturday, Misty Branch noticed her driveway was looking a little different. 

Then that night it all came tumbling in.

Branch has lived in her home for two years now on Dry Creek Road, having no previous problems with her home. 

Then on Friday, she noticed her driveway looking a little different. 

“I called mom and said, ‘I think I might have a small sinkhole in my driveway.’ I didn’t think anything huge. I had literally put pressure on it with my foot. Then I though, well maybe I better not,” said Branch.

The moment after she made that call, her parents came over to her home. Her father, Bobby Loveless, seeing the ground falling into the earth.

“The blacktop just folds up like a piece of paper and goes out of site. I about had a heart attack,” he said. 

Misty called 911 but was transferred to Unicoi County even though her address is in Carter County.

Misty says, “He said there wasn’t much they could do but he would tell someone that’s out on the road and nobody ever showed up. Luckily it happened late at night and my kids weren’t out here playing”

Her father calling Carter County commissioners who came to the home and told them to put up caution tape to be safe.

Misty and her family aren’t sure how deep or wide the hole actually is. Her father throwing a steel pipe around twelve feet long into the middle of the hole. 

“It went plain out of sight,” he said. 

Misty’s husband is deployed overseas and she lives on one income. She has two kids and knows that it’s going to take a lot to fix this problem. 

Misty’s father, Bobby, said, “We’re going to have to get somebody in here to fill the hole in with rock and a new drainpipe. It’s going to take some equipment.”

He plans on going to the county’s Emergency Management Relief Office on Monday to get more answers on how to solve this problem. 

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