CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) —The Carter County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning as law enforcement said they’re seeing deaths caused by suspected fentanyl-laced pills.

The sheriff’s office said they’ve seen three overdose deaths in less than fives weeks. Capt. Jeff Markland Criminal Investigations Division said fentanyl has been confirmed in one of those deaths, and they are awaiting toxicology in the other two deaths. Markland said similar pills were found at two of the scenes and in the third case witnesses gave investigators a description of the pill ingested.

“[We’re] seeing the same pills popping up where they’re in circulation that we think are being illegally manufactured — illegally cut with fentanyl,” said Markland.

According to Markland, the deaths have been people aged 16-31.

He said the pills are being sold as 30-milligram oxycodone pills, possibly under the street name “Roxy 30s”.

“If you’re prescribed [oxycodone] and they come from the pharmacy, of course, continue taking them,” said Markland. “But buying these things off the streets, you never know, what they’ve been cut or laced with. I don’t think any of these folks intended to overdose.”

Markland said they are working to track down the source of the pills, but they want the public to remain aware and diligent.

“If you see any of these pills, let us know, please,” said Markland. “We’re trying our best to get them off the street.”

The Carter County Sheriff’s Office can be contacted at (423) 542-1845.