JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL)- Café Lola has reopened after being closed for a week following shifted flooring in its kitchen.

“We had to do some remodeling of the kitchen, dig down in the foundation, make sure that everything was safe and secure,” said Head Chef Michelle Browning. “And then from there, we had to move everything out, and we had a great contractor to work with to expedite things so that we could move quickly.”

Browning said the floor shifting has been fixed during the week-long shutdown. Though Café Lola was closed for a week, they said they had big crowds this weekend when they opened back up.

“The support of the community has really been great, and we’re so happy to have all of our regulars back,” said Browning. “They were lined up at the door on Friday at 5 to get back in here to have some great food, cocktails and see all their friends’ faces. We’re happy to have a full house today.”

Diane Esteban is one of the regulars at Café Lola, and she said she was happy to be back in the restaurant.

“This is one of my favorite destinations for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays,” said Esteban. “I’ve probably been here gosh, hundreds of times. It’s incredible. Never disappoints.”

Browning said that firefighters and first responders were a big help during the incident that forced Café Lola to temporarily close.

“Well, I do want to thank again the first responders, Engine Five, the fire department, those guys were so great and working with the city officials, we couldn’t have had a greater team to figure out, what exactly was going on,” said Browning. “The building is secure, everybody’s safe, so we’re just happy to be back up and running.”

Café Lola is operating during their usual business hours.