JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Many people are braving the rain and long lines to catch some great Black Friday deals at the Mall at Johnson City.

Rose and Remington, a family-owned boutique, has been in the mall since July 2021 and is quickly expanding to other locations. Store manager, Lacey Durbin, just helped trained another manager at the new location in Chattanooga.

“We absolutely love being in this mall and being in the community,” said Durbin. “It’s been really good, so we’re happy to see people out and about still right now.”

Durbin says they are seeing more people coming in-store to shop after experiencing the frustrations of online shopping.

“It’s really good for people to get to come in and get to see the product, and see how it feels, and stretches, and honestly looks on your body instead of being like ‘well I’ll take a guess and see how that does’,” said Durbin.

While shoppers are out trying to get Christmas gifts, some are looking to take advantage of the discounts for themselves.

“I’m just looking for good deals like outdoor wear, crewnecks, sweatpants, maybe some shoes if I get lucky,” said shopper, Peyton Medley.

Down in the food court, a new bubble tea shop, Bubble Up, has had booming business since its soft-open yesterday. They had to temporarily close during the day today.

“We ran out of like most of the ingredients,” said owner, Muhammet Simsir. “So she is trying to make those. That’s why we’re like temporarily closed right now.”

Simsir has worked in other stores in the mall for a few years and has never been this busy on Black Friday.

“But, the bubble tea is completely different,” said Simsir. “So, people were thirsty with the bubble tea I guess. They’re just coming and going and coming back again.”

Bubble Up will have its grand opening next week.

Rose and Remington’s Black Friday sale is 25% off clothing, jewelry and accessories. On Saturday, this sale moves to 20% off clothing, jewelry and accessories.