KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — The annual bulk leaf collection in Kingsport begins on Oct. 16.

In preparation for the collection, the city asked residents to:

  • Place leaves within eight feet of the edge of the street, not in the street.
  • Not block storm drains or neighbors’ driveways with piles of leaves.
  • Make sure leaf piles remain accessible by not parking vehicles on top or beside the leaves.
  • Not include rocks, sticks or other debris in the pile. Such items would damage the collection vacuums.

The general time frame for the free collection service can run as short as a week or up to three weeks during peak season, the city said.

The leaves will be taken to Kingsport’s demolition landfill to be composted and used for city projects or sold to the public.

Each area will be serviced at least nine times until Jan. 12.

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