BUCHANAN COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) — Just two weeks after severe flooding impacted over 100 structures in Buchanan County, other parts of the county experienced more flooding on Wednesday.

Officials said they responded to several reports of downed trees, mudslides, standing water, and downed power lines in the Oakwood area, to the west of the previously hard-hit areas of Pilgrim’s Knox and Whitewood.

Flooding caused problems along Big Branch Road and State Route 666. The area missed the severe flooding two weeks ago, but residents said the creek is filled with debris.

“These creeks are filled up in here, and when water comes it’s a flood,” said Otis Meadows, who lives on Big Branch Road. “This is the most water I’ve seen in here, and I’ve been here 40-some years.”

(Photo: WJHL)

Two rain showers, one in the morning and another mid-day, caused flash flooding. The Oakwood Volunteer Fire Department responded but said damage was limited.

“You did get some, probably mainly to the public roadway and stuff,” said Oakwood VFD Chief Jeremy Cook. “Public water and stuff was affected a little bit.”

With officials concerned about even more rainfall overnight and Thursday, the fire department will be standing by, just in case.

“We usually have one EMS crew around the clock, but we’re trying to strengthen that up, put a few more fire personnel on, in case a rescue comes up,” Cook said.