BUCHANAN COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) – Buchanan County’s animal shelter is preparing for an influx of surrenders due to the recent flooding.

According to the animal shelter, they’ve been overwhelmed due to the flood but were able to move animals to different shelters to help ease capacity. Currently, five dogs have been taken in by the shelter from people who have lost their homes due to flooding. The shelter told News Channel 11 they expect more animals as people scramble to find long-term housing.

Chris Cline with Buchanan County Animal Control and Shelter said, “We hadn’t had a whole lot of calls until the last couple of days and they’re just people, they’re just overwhelmed. They’ve decided they want to get rid of their animals. They’re just overwhelmed…just don’t have nowhere to go themselves and really don’t have nowhere to take their dogs either.”

Cline said the best way to support the shelter is to adopt these animals or donate to the shelter or the Buchanan County Humane Society.

The shelter anticipates more calls in the coming days about farm animals and is helping provide feed for those animals and food for household pets.