Bristol woman wins a cool million from Virginia Lottery playing Powerball


Mildred Semones, of Bristol, Tennessee, wins $1M from playing the Virginia Powerball.

BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) Many people have thought of what they would do if they won the lottery.

The odds of winning the Powerball is one in 292,201,338.

You have better odds in giving birth to quintuplets, if you are pregnant, being attacked by a shark, being struck by fireworks, and even being struck by lightning.

While the odds are great many will still buy a ticket and hope to change their life.

One woman in Bristol beat the odds and is walking away with $1 million.

Mildred Semones is pictured here, waiting to receive her $1M check from Virginia Lottery.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Mildred Semones said.

It will be the best unexpected surprise Mildred Semones will never forget.

“I couldn’t sit still and I checked it about three times or four to make sure I had checked it right,” she said.

It was the luck of the draw for the Bristol, Tennessee woman, who is $1 million richer, after picking the winning Powerball numbers.

“I’ve got a son who lives in Roanoke, Virginia. In Roanoke, Virginia, most of the people that win anything had won it out of a Kroger store,” she explained.

The winning numbers were 9-12-15-31-and 60. The only number she did not match was the Powerball number, which was 2.

“I just thought to myself, ‘Oh, shoot. I didn’t win’,” Semones told News Channel 11.

The winning numbers were announced on Jan. 29, but Semones did nott check for the winning numbers, for a whole week.

“I grew up before they had all this electronic stuff and I didn’t check it until about Thursday afteroon 3 or 3:30,” she said.

“I didn’t know it. I had went to Kingsport with my daughter to have my hair trimmed and she told me on the way back, ‘Somebody won a million dollars in the Kroger.’ I didn’t even tell her I had a ticket,” Semones said.

Semones said she is used to striking gold. The avid lottery player and said to have won a few $500 scratch-offs, all bought at this very same Bristol, Virginia Kroger, on Midway Street.

“I’m going to divide with my children and I am going to trade cars because my car has had about five or six years on it,” she said.

The Kroger store has received a $10,000 bonus check for selling the winning ticket.

This is the second $1 million Powerball win in Southwest Virginia within a three-month period.

A Scott County man won back in November 2019.

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