BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — Bristol, Virginia police will soon begin using cameras to deter speeding in school zones.

The police department announced that automated traffic enforcement will be used at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School, Virginia Middle School, Virginia High School, and Saint Anne Catholic School.

Beginning Oct. 2, the cameras will be active on school days from 7–9 a.m. and 2–4 p.m. Those caught driving 11 mph or more over the speed limit will get citations.

The first 30 days will be a warning period, during which violators will only receive warnings in the mail that carry no fine. After the 30-day period, beginning on Nov. 6, violators will receive citations, which are considered civil violations, not traffic violations. Citations will not add points to a driver’s record and won’t be reported to their insurance, according to the police department.

“We’re committed to slowing down drivers and protecting our kids,” the police department stated in a release. “Please drive safely in our school zones and in our community. Our goal is ZERO. Zero injuries, zero crashes and zero endangered lives.”

According to the police department, a 2022 study showed a significant problem with speeding in school zones.

Earlier this year, the City Council approved the installation of speed cameras in work zones and school zones.