BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) – Students at Fairmount Elementary in Bristol put their Humpty Dumpty armor to the test Wednesday as they dropped eggs in containers they built from varying heights.

About 60 fourth-grade students dropped eggs from a bucket truck provided by Bristol Tennessee Essential Services. The eggs were each placed in containers created by the students to keep the eggs intact.

Teachers at Fairmount told News Channel 11 that the experience promotes critical thinking and helps students develop skills as they saw which egg survived the highest fall. Students must use math and science to attempt and hypothesize if their eggs will be intact after falling from different heights.

“I really want them to understand that science can be brought out into the real world and take what they’ve learned all year and bring fun to them at the end of the year,” said fourth-grade teacher Amy Marion.

2023 marks the tenth year the school has conducted the experiment.