BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) – Leaders of Dominion Senior Living of Bristol cut the ribbon Monday on a new feature to help residents living with dementia feel like they can provide care.

The senior living center debuted its new nursery during a public afternoon ceremony. The nursery includes a crib with baby dolls for residents, as well as a fully stocked changing station.

According to Dominion, the nursery was dedicated to the memory of Jean Williams. Williams’s granddaughter, Carrie Mullins, said her grandmother loved caring for children.”

“Taking care of children was an integral part of my grandmother’s life,” said Mullins. “We lost her to Alzheimer’s in 2008. Children have an unexplainable positive effect on the majority of people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and various forms of dementia. Many times, folks often feel they no longer have a purpose, become bored, and can have major behavioral expressions as a result. We try to keep engagement at a peak through many avenues, one being life stations, such as the nursery.”

Mullins said the nursery cost about $600 to set up.

“With Alzheimer’s residents, a lot of times they go back in time,” Mullins said. “They recede to the ages of where they had babies. So a lot of times they will carry around the babies. It gives them something to do and this will help them in the community, will keep them busy and give them nurturing situations.”

The nursery includes things for the “babies” like towels, clothes and other materials.

Dominion specializes in providing care to residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disease.