BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL)- The Bristol Casino is gearing up for the upcoming Super Bowl weekend. The casino is expecting a large turnout of guests, with opportunities for attendees to place bets on the game.

Marc Deleo, vice president of marketing for the Hard Rock Casino Bristol, said that the casino’s average crowd of people is already large.

“On any given day, we usually have a few thousand come through the property,” Deleo said. “Three, four, five thousand could be on any given day but for the Super Bowl, we’re thinking we’ll have a few hundred here [in the sportsbook area].”

According to Deleo, the number of people interested in taking bets has increased by 60% nationwide in comparison to 2022.

The casino has in-house betting machines for people to use, but patrons can also place bets on Hard Rock’s app or online.

“For us, it’s a big uptick in our sports book revenue, but as people know, most of our revenue comes from slots and table games,” said Deleo.

Along with providing entertainment for the community, the casino also gives back to the city.

“A large portion of our revenue goes back to the city of Bristol and other localities that are in need of that money, so we’re very proud about that,” said Deleo. “Also the other impact is, I work very closely with local hotels, the local restaurant tours here in Bristol, and they see a lift on our weekends especially when we have a lot of people coming from other states.”

Deleo said the Super Bowl has the potential to create a huge impact on the Bristol Casino.

“For the Super Bowl, we’re seeing numbers of over 50 million people that are going to bet on this game throughout the country on Sunday,” said Deleo.

The Casino is planning to host events for March Madness, which will begin on March 14.