JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Boaters are back out on the water, and the levels have reached full summer pool on Boone Lake.

TVA officials said they set June 1 as a deadline to reach full pool but instead achieved their goal much earlier this year with full levels hitting on May 20.

While 2021 marked the first time in seven years that Boone Lake saw those normal summer levels return, this year is slightly different having already achieved that goal with a little over a week left to spare.

“This year we’re right back to normal operating guide curves, so we’re right at the levels we were anticipating for June 1 hitting the summer poll level and we ended up hitting it a little bit before then,” said TVA spokesperson, Mary Ellen Miller.

TWRA officials told News Channel 11 that this is exactly when they start to see an uptick in boaters.

“I know a lot of boaters have been waiting for Boone to get to full pool before they get out here because they were not sure of what has grown up and where some of the underwater rock ledges are, so they have been waiting for the lake to fully come up before they get out,” said TWRA Boating Officer, John Ripley.

With an anticipated increase of boaters this weekend and into the Memorial Day holiday next week, Ripley is reminding boaters that Saturday marks the start of National Safe Boating Week.

It starts on May 21 and will run through May 27. The week-long event promotes responsibility on the water and mainly pushes the use of life jackets.

Some other important reminders for this week are: Make sure your vessel is registered correctly with stickers displayed, check the forecast before you head out, and make sure your driver is sober.

Miller said reaching these full levels this soon is good news for boaters. On Friday, the TVA boat ramp was buzzing with boaters ready to take advantage.

“When they see it at 1382, they’re just so thrilled to see it at top capacity, ready to go boating and fishing. All you have to do is look around here and you can tell people are taking advantage of Boone Lake and how wonderful it is right now,” she said.

To celebrate the completion of the dam repair project, TVA will be hosting an event next week welcoming people back to Boone Lake.

It will be held on Wednesday, May 25 from 3-5 p.m. at the dam. It’s free and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.