BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — For the first time in nearly three years, Delta Airlines at Tri-Cities Airport will be bringing back its mainline service.

On Wednesday night, a Boeing 717 will fly into the Tri-Cities out of Atlanta, Georgia. It will depart on Thursday morning. This will be the first time there has been a Delta mainline flight since 2020.

The plane is larger than the CRJ aircraft that flies out of the airport daily, meaning more passengers can fly out.

Tri-Cities Airport Executive Director Gene Cossey said it’s on the schedule through Jan. 1, but he is hopeful to see it stick around.

“All that means is that it’s on the schedule through January first. They could continue it after that, they could bring it back and forth. We’re hopeful it will continue on but right now we know that it will be here each night and leaving each morning through January first,” Cossey said.

The aircraft has a larger capacity, more first-class seating, and just provides overall better service to passengers, according to Cossey. The 717 will fly out once a day. The plane is scheduled to fly from the Tri-Cities to Atlanta at 6:10 on Thursday morning.