KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium’s new bobcat duo, Carter and Cash, arrived last month and are still settling in nicely, according to park staff.

In a video provided to News Channel 11, Carter and Cash can be seen posing for the camera with extra-large paws befitting those of a big cat hanging against their enclosure walls. The two take turns hopping on their crates and taking a look at park staff as well.

Park Manager Megan Krager said the brothers are acclimating to their temporary homes quite well and that more of their personality is coming out every day.

As it stands, the cats have a wide assortment of toys for enrichment:

  • Chew toys
  • A scratching log
  • Jingle bell toys
  • Cardboard boxes

In several of the shots, the two can be seen flicking their naturally short tails around and investigating their surroundings.

Once the cats are completely acclimated, they’ll be moved to their permanent homes in the enclosure that formerly housed Kirby the bobcat. Krager said they’ll likely become a bit shy after the move, but park staff will socialize them with public feedings and education programs as they become more comfortable.