KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Thousands of boaters took to Boone Lake to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest boating holidays of the year.

From fishing, to swimming, to jet skiing and everything in between, all of the water activities you can think of were happening on the lake Sunday.

The newly reopened Boone Lake Recreation Center is one of the most popular destinations this year.

“We came out today to spend time on Boone Lake with my family and friends,” Boater Jim Stout said. “We’re going to get together, just have some fun ride around the lake.”

Also out on the waters were TWRA boating officers making sure people enjoy their time, but also stay safe and wear their life jackets.

“In 2022 we’ve had ten boating fatalities,” TWRA Boating Officer John Ripley said. “Of those ten, nine individuals were not wearing life jackets in those fatalities.”

People out on the water also took time to remember the reason for the holiday weekend, and those who aren’t here anymore because they made the ultimate sacrifice.

“I had a father that was at Pearl Harbor,” boater Charles Mayberry said. “I had an uncle who was part of the Battle of the Bulge, and they all gave something.”

Mayberry said that’s why he’s spending his day with family and those he still has close.

“My grandson is driving us crazy, he loves to go boat riding every weekend,” Mayberry said.