Boat slip comes loose on Boone Lake


(WJHL) — A boat slip came loose on Boone Lake and was spotted drifting down the lake Monday afternoon.

The slip is currently tied to the bank near Winged Deer Park in Johnson City.

The property owner where the slip is currently tied up says it came loose from Serenity Cove. He says he knows the slip’s owner and tied it to his property to keep it from drifting further down the lake.

“Well, the dock is a friend of ours, and it’s about 300 or 400 yards away up to like, right there in Serenity Cove, and that it just the ropes over tensioned and they broke and the dock was adrift, and we caught it before it did any more damage and anchored it down and have it ready for transport back to its home,” Jon Zervos told News Channel 11.

The property owner believes rising water caused the ropes holding the slip to break loose.

“That’s primarily why, water level coming up, you know you’ve got a lot of mooring a lot of harbor issues with some of the docks in the area, and it’s just something to stay on top of,” he said. “We caught it before it ran into the dock that we’re standing on, and got it pushed out, and over, and it’s actually staked down now so we can get it reattached back at home.”

The Boone Lake Association told News Channel 11 the rising water levels caused this incident and they believe it will happen again and again.

“With the water levels rising it’s obvious that that wasn’t tied up very good it’s broke loose and it’s floated around, which is, as a hazard on the lake but it’s even worse at nighttime when the bass boats and other boats are running along fast in the channel and it’s not got any kind of lights or anything you know it could be about obstruction,” Jay Wise, of the Boone Lake Association said.

He said this actually is not the first dock that has come loose since the lake water levels rose.

“Make sure all your docks are securely tied up. We have a lot of problems with smaller docks especially breaking loose, these big ones usually don’t do this, although there have been two that I know this year. And this all of the pieces of the docks and things that are being put in temporary especially while the lake was down to make sure to get those out of the water or secure them,” Wise said.

(Photo: Joe Miller)

In the end, everyone is happy that the water levels are high again.

“It’s nice to have the water back it’s, it’s been a long time coming. I’m sure everyone in the lake is is pleased to see the water coming up, I know we are looking forward to this summer and years to come,” Zervos said.

But that does not mean those on the lake should stop being vigilant, Wise added.

“TVA has done a great job with our crews, you know, cleaning the lake, but it still has a ways to go because with water coming up, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better,” he said.

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