BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. (WJHL) – A response to the controversy surrounding Roe V. Wade could be seen in Bristol Saturday afternoon on the state line.

Dozens of people participated in the “Bans off our Body” Rally where they argued that women should have the power to make decisions when it comes to themselves and the ability to get an abortion if they choose. Those in support of this said they felt it was their duty to show up.

“I grew up before Roe V. Wade,” protestor Susan Whitlow said. “There was no Roe V. Wade in my college years, so I’ve got a lot of personal stories about abortion, and illegal abortions, and dangerous abortions.”

Dustin Garneau and Lorra Whitescarver were among protestors who said they just wanted to make their voice heard.

“We’re parents, and we have a little girl,” Whitescarver said. “This is not a country I want to leave for her.”

While the majority at the protest were pro-choice, there was one counter-protestor in attendance.

Organizers said this local event was held as part of nationwide movement.