Ballad Health is spelling out plans to consolidate care in Greene County.

In a letter dated January 29th, Ballad Health CEO Alan Levine said Laughlin Memorial Hospital and Takoma Regional Hospital currently duplicate services.

The two acute care hospitals are four miles apart and were separately owned by Mountain States Health Alliance and Wellmont Health System before the merger that formed Ballad last year.

Ballad informed the state last week it plans to consolidate inpatient and surgical services at the Laughlin Memorial site and call the hospital “Greeneville Community Hospital East”.

Ballad plans to turn the Takoma Hospital campus into an outpatient facility with inpatient rehab and emergency services and call the facility “Greeneville Community Hospital West”

“Once the ICU is transitioned to the Greeneville Community Hospital East Campus, Ballad
plans to open a Progressive Care Unit at the same campus- a service not currently provided in the community, but which studies show benefits patient healing through a gradual, stepped-down level of care,” Levine wrote in his letter to the state.

Levine said the decision to consolidate care came after an assessment of the Greeneville market aimed at identifying duplication while minimizing disruption to patients and employees.

“Ultimately, the assessment group concluded that the most efficient use of resources in Greene
County was to consolidate all of the inpatient and surgical services at one location and to
consolidate all of the outpatient, inpatient rehabilitation, and gero-psychiatric services at the
other location,” Levine said.

“We believe this one hospital/two campus approach will lead to improved efficiency of physician
and team member staffing, improved quality, and reduced costs,” Levine said.

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