JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Ballad CEO Alan Levine sent an email to Ballad employees regarding the recent Supreme Court decision and upcoming bonuses.

Levine says Ballad health, “has very conservative and strict policies with respect to abortion – and our policies are very closely tied to the laws of Virginia and Tennessee.”

The email says that while the Supreme Court case does not change Ballad’s current policies, Tennessee has a “trigger law” which provides restrictions and boundaries in the event Roe v. Wade is overturned.

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, Ballad says it will have a clinical team reviewing the new statutory provisions that were triggered by the Attorney General of Tennessee on Friday.

“In the meantime, our current policies remain in effect in Virginia and Tennessee, and will remain so until they are specifically updated and approved by our Board of Directors if it is necessary to make any changes,” Levine states.

The email continues by saying that Ballad does not offer on-demand abortion services and that, “Our policies reflect the clinical judgment of physicians and, as a health care system committed to our patients’ safety, are driven by the life and safety of the mother.”

“So many terrible things play out on our television screens where it seems what divides us overwhelms that which we all have in common – which I believe to be that we are human, imperfect, come from so many different places and experiences, and that each of us has such enormous value,” Levine says. “I am grateful for each of you – whether we agree on issues or not –  because I believe we all strive to be the best we can be.  So, I’d prefer to be grateful for what we all have in common.”

The next part of the email to employees covers the two-part bonus that is set to be given to all members. The first portion of the bonus was to be paid out in March and the last in July.

It is confirmed in the email that the second part of the bonus will be paid out on July 15.

The email says Human Resoursces will provide the full details but ‘generally’ full-time workers that were paid an average of 60 hours per pay period through the most recent pay period will receive $500, and part-time employees that work below 60 hours in a pay period with be paid $250.