KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- On the day William McCloud, the boyfriend of Angela Boswell, was extradited back to Tennessee, he spoke with a bail bondsman over the phone in Kingsport.

Derek Bishop, an agent with A-Hood Bonding, said he has assisted Angela Boswell and William McCloud with bonds for various charges in the past. McCloud and Boswell were arrested in North Carolina last week while traveling in a stolen BMW wanted in the search for Evelyn Boswell. An AMBER Alert for the missing 15-month-old from Sullivan County was issued on February 19th.

Pictured: Derek Bishop

Bishop said one of McCloud’s family members called the bonding company Thursday and said they would have the money for the $10,000 bond in McCloud’s account by Friday.

Another agent with A-Hood Bonding said they don’t know when Angela Boswell could be bonded out, but that it could be soon because it would only take $137 on her bond to get her out of the Sullivan County Jail.

Bishop said William McCloud claims to have only seen the missing Evelyn Boswell two times – once when he and Evelyn’s grandmother, Angela Boswell, began dating, and at some point last November.

“I just asked him if he knew where the baby was was,” Bishop said of his Wednesday phone conversation with McCloud. “And he made a comment that the baby’s mother knows where the baby is. And it just seems like she’s trying to pawn it off on Angela.”

McCloud reportedly told Bishop over the phone that he visited his grandmother in Wilkes County, North Carolina a week ago — near a pond searched Wednesday by authorities. Officials called that search ‘inconclusive.’

Bishop also said McCloud told him Wednesday that he’s offered to take a polygraph test.

“He mentioned that he’s offered to take a polygraph test and I guess he did give his DNA to authorities as well, and just said his focus is on helping find the little girl like everybody’s focus should be,” said Bishop.

Bishop said McCloud claimed he and Angela Boswell weren’t aware the BMW sought by authorities in connection to the Evelyn investigation was stolen.

“They didn’t know that the car was stolen, or the car hadn’t been paid for. That’s what he said, that the arrangement was that they were paying the car, and then all the sudden the car got reported stolen on the 20th.”

Bishop also said of his Wednesday phone conversation with McCloud:

“I guess that Angela and her daughter have tried to make an attempt to reconnect their relationship, [so Angela can] be involved with the child’s life,” Bishop said. “What William said is that the mother would never make the baby available for them to visit to see the baby or anything like that.”

Bishop added that, “We all pray for her and hope that she’s found safe, and it seems like that’s what [William’s] goal was as well, is to help find her and make sure she returns home safely… but he did make the comment that the child’s mother does know where the baby is.”

Anyone with information on Evelyn’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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