GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — Greeneville Middle School has hired teachers to fill old and new positions for the school year.

The middle school has reportedly seen a steady rate of teacher retention but is faced with hiring new teachers to fill both vacant and new positions.

Hiring new teachers can bring a new perspective to the working environment and finding people that work well together is important, according to GMS Principal Dr. Rachel Adams.

“Our staff is very collaborative, so we look for people to come on board that are willing to collaborate with colleagues and share ideas,” said Adams. “It just adds to all of our school’s knowledge and expertise.”

To help facilitate positive working relationships, Adams has put different programs in place to ensure that the teachers get the guidance and resources they need.

“Their questions are answered, they feel confident,” said Adams. “So when students arrive on the first day, they’re ready to be the best they can be.”

One of Greeneville Middle’s new teachers said she enjoys the career path because she loves to see her students years later still excited to see her. Shelley Anderson told News Channel 11 she is ready for the new year.

“I’m excited to see them, learn their names, learn about them,” said Anderson. “The first day is always fun because they’re so nervous, and you get to make them feel at home and comfortable.”

Greeneville Middle School is also adding a new program, Career Exploration, to its curriculum. Micheal Bowman, the teacher hired for the course, reported that this new class will allow students to get a head start on understanding what careers they like and are best suited for.

“I’m very grateful for an opportunity to teach…every single student deserves an opportunity to learn, and that’s what we want to do here,” said Bowman.

Career Exploration was previously a course exclusively for high schools but is debuting this year in Greeneville Middle.