BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — A new business named The Axe and Ale House is opening in Bristol, Virginia on July 4.

The space is a triple threat, owners say, as they’ll offer a dining space, ale bar, arcade, axe throwing and more.

“At the Axe and Ale House we have something for everyone,” said owner L.J. Boothe. “One of the things we did is we’ve established kind of a non-bar area, a nice dining room setting that’ll be a little quieter, a little more family-friendly but as you can imagine axe throwing isn’t necessarily family friendly so we will be 10 and up on the axe side of the house which is also our bar area.”

Featured on the business’s menu are pub-style foods like pretzels, mozzarella sticks and nachos, as well as more unique options for groups like charcuterie boards, which they call ‘Shark Boards.’ Chicken-based meals like tenders, wraps and sandwiches are offered, along with pulled pork, submarines, salads and plenty of dessert options.

“People will find that we have a pretty nice menu, Chef Josh is back there now pumping out high-quality handhelds, good sandwiches and salads,” Boothe said. “The common theme to this place is really to have something for everyone, so we’ll have a nice bar setting. We’ll have a nice arcade setting, quiet dining and then good food, moderately priced food.”

Boothe said he hopes the Axe and Ale House will be a great place for groups to go–whether it be friend hangouts or special occasions like birthdays. He said rental options will be available for those wanting Axe and Ale House to host their gathering with a side of fun.

“We really want people to come and play and have fun with their friends, that’s the whole point,” Boothe said. “We’re trying to establish kind of a cheers mentality here where everybody knows your name, where you feel comfortable when you walk in, where it’s not too bougie or too high-end for you, so we really hope people take advantage of it.”