ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Appalachia Service Project has been building and repairing homes for people in need for 54 years. On Thursday, the organization dedicated four new homes in Johnson City, Jonesborough, Bristol, and Elizabethton.

The homes were built for people with a variety of needs. Some are veterans others are disabled and elderly.

Brenda Foster was among those who received a key to a new home.

Walter Crouch, president of the Appalachia Service Project, said Foster’s former home was not up to standards.

“An old mobile home, you know, maybe when they were new, they were adequate,” said Crouch “But over time, they just don’t wear well over time.”

Brenda Foster’s old home

Crouch said the new home will save Foster money and give her a more disposable income to enjoy life.

“To be able to build her a home that we call ‘warm, safe and dry,’ it’s kind of our byline. It means a healthy home and it’s an energy-efficient home,” Crouch said. “I guarantee her energy bills in this new home will be less than they were in that old home.”

Foster was just one of the four families provided with a new home.

Dozens of volunteers came out to build the home and multiple organizations supported ASP with materials.

“All of this always has to be a community effort, any time we build a home, it’s a community effort. We have all of these partners that come in and help us with donations,” said Crouch. “We have folks that come in to volunteer, we have the support of local officials everywhere from building departments to elected officials that support the projects.”

Foster said she is very thankful for ASP and all the people who helped make this project possible.

The Appalachia Service Project plans to build 88 homes this year but hopes for a number closer to 100.