Ammunition shortage felt locally as residents prepare for hunting season


GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Local gun stores have been dealing with ammunition shortages since the start of COVID-19, and now the scarcity is being felt even more as Tennessee moves into hunting season.

According to Gray City Gun Shop manager and operator Kelly White, she’s seen ammunition shortages in years past, but never like this.

“Back during the Obama administration, we had a 22 long rifle shortage,” White said. “It was the only ammo that was short. Everything else you can get. We’ve never seen it to the extent of it affecting every caliber.”

White said every caliber is being affected now, but especially ammo for hunting.

“I have several customers that have actually canceled hunting trips because they don’t have the ammo to go now,” White said.

White said some of the shortage has to do with various COVID complications affecting manufacturing.

“If you’ve only got a 100 square foot building, it’s going to limit the number of people that can be in there working, so it’s going to slow down production.”

White said that if you are still in the market for a gun, you may want to consider what types of ammunition are most available before you buy.

Austin White with Gunslingers in Kingsport said that as soon as the store gets a new type of ammo in stock, they post on Facebook, and people flock to the store.

“There are still a lot of ammunition that’s still being imported and being manufactured here stateside,” White said. “So, it’ll get better, but people are still in a buying frenzy.”

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