GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The College Tour is an Amazon Prime series that highlights different colleges across America, and Tusculum University has been picked to be one of those colleges on the show.

“We reach out across the campus to try to find the right students, to tell the right stories,” said Alex Boylan, Executive Producer and Host of the College Tour. “You’re going to hear some incredible stories from incredible students.”

Production crews with the series came to Tusculum University on Oct. 9 and will be on campus conducting interviews and filming until Oct. 13. Boylan told News Channel 11 that he was inspired by his niece to create the show.

“She was given only one trip to go take a look at campuses, but she wanted to see so many other institutions in different parts of the country,” said Boylan. “So watching my niece struggle to try to find her cultural fit and not having the finances to travel around the country, is where I came up with the idea for The College Tour TV series.”

Boylan added that although they will only be on campus for a week filming, it takes 6 months to complete one episode.

“Two months of pre-production, five days of filming and another two months of post-production,” said Boylan.

Tusculum University students had the opportunity to audition for the show and tell their own unique stories. Xavier Velazquez was one student at the university who got the part.

“The way I grew up, we had a rough background, I’m the first person in my family to come to college,” said Velazquez. “It was a great opportunity to tell kids like myself that you can go to college no matter where you come from.”

The College Tour episode with Tusculum will premiere on Amazon Prime in May of 2024.