JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Agape Women’s Services is a faith-based non-profit pregnancy resource center and medical clinic in the Tri-Cities.

Just a few things the organization does is provide pregnancy testing, education and other resources for expecting mothers.

Agape Education Coordinator Liesl Wright said she’s not sure how the recent Roe v. Wade ruling will impact their work yet, but she hopes to continue their mission of supporting moms.

“We are trying so hard to make people the priority and not the political entanglements that can come with that,” Wright said. “We really just continue to want to make sure that this is a great place and a safe place for women to come.”

Wright said for new mothers caught off guard, Agape is a place to take a breath and start to process.

“When you have an unplanned pregnancy, there are different options available, so we’ll sit down and talk through those options,” Wright said.

Wright said her staff is glad to be there for people in need and hopes to continue their services as they have been.

“It’s just really amazing to watch a woman in general come in, anxious, feeling alone, feeling maybe afraid about the unknown of her situation and then really know that somebody’s there to listen and to care,” Wright said.