JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Gas and diesel prices in Johnson City, Tennessee have reached yet another record high.

On Saturday AAA reported that gas prices in Johnson City were sitting at a new record high of $4.21 per gallon for regular.

Just Tuesday, gas prices in Johnson City were sitting at the then-record high of $4.15 per gallon for the regular blend which was up from 22 cents the week before.

Average prices for other grades are as follows:

  • Mid-grade: $4.54
  • Premium: $4.87
  • Diesel: $5.38

In addition to a new record high in gas prices, diesel also set a new record high.

Tennessee’s statewide average price per gallon of gas is $4.18, while the national average is $4.45 per gallon, according to AAA.

The average gas price in surrounding counties are as follows:

  • Sullivan County: $4.19
  • Johnson County: $4.24
  • Carter County: $4.15
  • Unicoi County: $4.24
  • Washington: $4.22

For more information on gas prices or AAA, you can visit the organization’s website.