ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — A local woman brought a taste of her hometown of Elizabethton to her new home in South Korea. In sharing her culture, Jessica Bennett opened up her world in more ways than she could’ve imagined. Now her sister, Jami, is bringing the journey to the big screen.

Jessica Bennett settled on Jeju Island, South Korea in 2008 and worked for many years as a teacher. During that time, cooking became a labor of love.

“I had always made food that helped my homesickness, and I would make burgers for some Korean friends,” said Jessica, owner of the Tennessee Table. “I would have them over to cook. Finally, someone said ‘why don’t you open up a burger place?'”

In 2014, Jami followed in Jessica’s footsteps to South Korea, taking a teaching job just an hour away.

Slowly, they planted the seeds for what would become the Tennessee Table.

“She’d make 80 different versions of cheeseburgers and BBQ, and she’d have all of her Korean friends try it,” said filmmaker Jami Bennett.

“We developed our BBQ sauce together,” said Jessica.

Tennessee Table opened its doors in 2018. Two years later, the restaurant caught the attention of one of South Korea’s most popular TV shows, granting Jessica overnight fame.

“I remember there were some moments where I’d have people coming up to me and saying ‘oh, can I have a picture with you?’ and then I have to bus their table and clean the toilets,” said Jessica.

By 2021, Jami had long moved away from South Korea but had returned to the country for another film project, just in time to witness her sister’s rise to fame. Jami turned her focus to documenting her sister’s journey.

Working on opposite ends of the camera presented a unique opportunity for the sisters.

“Jessica had been so used to being on the camera for Korean television stations,” said Jami. “My very first week filming her on camera, she was talking to me like I was a stranger.”

Now the sisters are eager to share the story with not just Tennessee but the rest of the world.

Jami’s film “Ten by Ten” will have its North American premiere at the Nashville Film Festival Tuesday, Oct. 4. It will also be available to watch online through the festival.

The film will also play at the Tennessee International Indie Film Festival in November and several international film festivals. For more on the film and screenings, click here.