SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Five deputies of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) were presented with awards for their life-saving actions and valor in the field.

Among the five was Evan Wade, the deputy shot during an hours-long standoff in Bluff City on Friday, Jan. 21. Wade was released from hospital care on Monday, Jan. 24.

The sheriff’s office later reported that Wade was recovering and expected to make a full recovery. Wade was presented with a Medal of Valor and a Purple Heart from Sheriff Jeff Cassidy at his home last week, according to the SCSO.

“He’s doing good. I went and checked on him Friday, so he’s still got a long road to recovery with rehab,” Cassidy said. “He probably won’t be able to come to the office for awhile, but we’ll report back on his status.”

Deputies Cory Hall, Cody Ball and Tyler McCready were each presented with a Life-Saving Award for their efforts at the standoff on Riley Hollow Road. Deputy Hall was also given a Medal of Valor.

Deputy McCready said that night was a high-stress situation.

“Not very many people have been through that, so it’s hard to prepare for that,” McCready said.

Deputy Hall said he and Wade were partners. Hall was able to drag Wade away to cover after he was shot while both returned fire.

Deputy McCready was one of the deputies that helped administer first aid and get Wade to safety.

“I advanced on their position, was able to grab my tourniquet, and got it on to the best of my ability,” McCready said.

Sheriff Cassidy said that before Wade was shot, he had been hired by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. It is unclear if Wade will return to the Sullivan County Sheriffs Office, but the deputies said they are excited to see him again regardless.

“I’d like to see him back in a Sullivan County uniform, but I understand if he wants to be a trooper, that’s fine,” Deputy Hall said. “But when I see him, I’ll shake his hand tell him welcome back.”

The SCSO also commended Deputy Shane Amyx for his actions at a fire on Cedar Road in Bristol, which occurred on Jan. 20. Amyx was presented with his own Life-Saving Award.

“I’m very glad that we still have one life that is still here in this world today because I was able to retrieve them from the fire,” Amyx said. “It does weigh heavy on my heart that I wasn’t able to save the second person, but I did everything I could.”

The sheriff’s office reported on Jan. 21 that one woman was found dead inside the home after the Cedar Road fire, and one other person was injured. The fire has since been ruled as accidental.