SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Sullivan County Schools received $3.5 million from the state that will be used for various technology and curriculum upgrades.

The upgrades are expected to make students more career ready upon graduating from high school.

One million dollars will go toward the two high schools in the district, and $500,000 will go toward its three middle schools.

Sullivan County Schools Director-Elect Chuck Carter said this grant money could provide a “transformational experience” for his students.

“As students explore careers and learn about themselves, then they can make much more informed decisions that are intentional for themselves,” Carter said.

Expanded technology, construction and STEM programs are just some of the plans being made that could lead to more opportunities for students.

Sullivan County Schools Career and Technical Education Coordinator Debbie Madgett said that they’re already planning the next steps.

“We’re looking at hands-on simulation, virtual reality-type programs that are project-based learning,” Madgett said.

Madgett said that the plan is to add more work-based learning and dual enrollment opportunities. She said that the goal is to close the gap between education and the workforce.

“We’re trying to narrow that gap and make those opportunities available for students,” Madgett said.

Madgett said the plan is to start spending the money from the four-year grant sometime in the summer.

“We’re going to start bringing our teachers and our administrators in to start looking at what type of programs, curriculum, equipment, supplies and materials that they need for their programs,” Madgett said.