WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Damage to the Daniel Boone High School basketball court caused by a busted water pipe could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.

A pipe to a water sprinkler in an adjacent concession stand burst on Christmas Day during the frigid temperatures.

Water seeped under the hardwood, causing it to warp and bend on one half of the gym. The water has been removed, but large bubbles pushed upward by the water still remain.

Washington County Director of Schools Jerry Boyd said it could run the district $200,000 to $300,000 to fully replace the court.

Boyd said the district is awaiting the results of an insurance assessment this week before making any repairs to the gym.

Water also spilled into the cafeteria and parts of the school office, but that damage was limited to rugs and carpets.

The county school board will soon make decisions on whether to replace the full court or just the half that sustained the majority of the damage.

Boyd said they have the money available to pay for any repairs.

“The board has the capacity to cover that, but there’ll be a lot of discussion, the insurance discussion, the fund balance,” Boyd said.

Boyd added he is not sure if replacing just half of the court would be feasible given the extent of the damage.

He credited the work of Daniel Boone’s maintenance staff for coming in to stop the leak on Christmas Day and limiting the damage.

“Our crew responded quickly, but in those sprinkler water pipes water flows pretty fast,” Boyd said. “A lot of water had come out quickly and they certainly contained it as soon as they got there.”

Boyd said it was likely the pipe that burst was as old as the school building itself.

He does not believe rolling blackouts played a role in the busted pipe, but rather the pipe’s location near an exterior wall of the school.

“It was certainly impacted by the extremely cold weather in that area,” Boyd said. “That [area] is heated and cooled, but you know the extent of the temperature, how low the temperatures were and where it was located on that wall or in that area.”

With the gym out of commission, boys and girls varsity basketball games will be played at Boones Creek Elementary School, an adjustment for those student-athletes.

“You do have to adapt, and when you’re faced with adversity you respond. You make the best of it,” Boyd said. “They’re going to be able to share their talents and play their game, and spectators are going to be able to support them.”

A location has not been determined for junior varsity and freshman basketball and wrestling.

Freezing temperatures also caused less substantial issues at David Crockett High School, Grandview Elementary School and Ridgeview Elementary School.