Local health officials on coronavirus: “Right now, the risk is really low”


BLUFF CITY, Tenn. (WJHL)- Health officials say there’s no cause for alarm over coronavirus here in the states. But, a Tri-Cities business is urging people to take precautions against the spread of all disease.

“Thank you for calling Anderson Compounding Pharmacy. The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus a global health emergency and locally, we are experiencing an epidemic flu season… ” is the message you hear when you call Anderson Compounding Pharmacy in Bluff City.

There’s also a coronavirus alert on their sign outside- offering an “immune booster.”

“We are not claiming to prevent or treat the coronavirus, we just have some products here that can help boost your immune system,” said staff pharmacist Danielle Fulkrod.

Right now- there isn’t a vaccine or recommended treatment for the CORONAVIRUS

“There are agencies that are trying to develop a vaccine. Basically, it’s not done overnight so its probably still a year out if that happens,” says Jamie Swift, Ballad Health’s Corporate Director for Infection and Prevention.

She says while there isn’t a vaccine or treatment yet, people here in the US shouldn’t be worried.

“Right now, the risk is really low,” says Swift. “If you’ve not traveled- there’s no known risk exposure for you if you’ve not traveled internationally and been to mainland China.”

Swift says the Coronavirus is viral. Symptoms are similar to what you see in a common cold or the flu.

“To prevent any viral illness what we talk about is washing your hands, staying home if you’re sick and not being around those that are sick,” said Swift.

Ultimately- she says most people shouldn’t be concerned about getting the virus. Instead – take precautions.

“People don’t need to worry,” she says.

Back at Anderson Compounding – customers hoping to protect themselves from getting sick are pointed to products containing elderberry and other vitamins.

“You can see here this elderberry product- So it supports immune health, it’s got the vitamin C and D,” says Fulkrod.

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